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   Chizhou HISEMI Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in October 2014, the address is located in the Chizhou national economic and Technological Development Zone electronic information industrial park eighth, tenth, the registered capital of 50 million yuan. The company mainly engages in advanced electronic information manufacturing of large-scale integrated circuits, advanced packaging design, packaging and testing, semiconductor equipment and materials. The company has established a wholly owned subsidiary and branch in Shenzhen, Wuxi and Hefei to provide integrated circuit testing services for the IC design enterprise. The company is currently integrating resources, taking Huayu electronics as the main body of the market, and endeavours to move towards the capital market. At present, it has achieved annual manufacturing and sales: 2 billion integrated circuit blocks, 100 semiconductor test and sorting machines. Independent development has completed copper wire technology, PPF technology, 3D stacked packaging technology, multi chip MCM packaging technology, heat sink technology, SIP multi chip packaging technology, Holzer IC chip and packaging test and other scientific and technological research and development projects, and various technologies have reached the high level of integrated circuit packaging and testing in the international advanced industry. The products have been widely used in domestic and foreign famous household appliances or mobile phone users, such as LG electronics, millet mobile phone, SAMSUNG Samsung Electronics, TCL, Changhong, Haier, Hua Hong, SANYO Royalstar, beautiful MEDIA, Taiwan crystal semiconductor, Korea ABOV company and so on. The comprehensive index has reached the leading level in China, and some indexes have reached the international advanced level. Some advanced technologies have filled the gap of microelectronics chip manufacturing in Anhui Province, and the products are sold at home and abroad.


  The company has 700 employees. The company's financial standing is good, sales revenue has doubled in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and the economic efficiency of enterprises has been growing steadily and steadily for three years. The company's packaged products have all passed through ISO9001 international quality system certification, ISO14000 international environmental system certification, ISO18001 occupational health and safety management system and SGS certification, as well as Sony environmental certification. The copper wire technology has been able to produce large quantities of products through rigorous reliability experiments. In 2017, the company continued to force and invested 40 million yuan to purchase high performance packaging test equipment, expand production capacity. In October 2017, the first phase of the Huayu electronic project was completed and put into production, which marks that the capacity of Huayu company has stepped up a new step, and the road in the future is a long way to go. The company expects the assets to reach 130 million yuan by 2018 and 250 million yuan for sales revenue. The company's products are mainly concentrated on the SOP series, TO series, TSSOP series, SSOP series, SOT series, TSOP series, QFP series, QFN series, BGA series, SIP series and so on. Taking the PPF technology, the environmental protection lead-free electroplating mass production capacity is the first in China to create conditions for further expanding the European and American markets.

The second phase of the company's project, Huayu Electronic Sealing Industrial Park, officially opened on April 8, 2019. The two project is located in the national economic and Technological Development Zone of Chizhou, with a total investment of 500 million yuan and a total building area of 40000 square meters, including the expansion of the advanced packaging and testing of integrated circuits and the upgrading of technology to achieve a cumulative annual output of 10 billion high reliability integrated circuit chips, and the development and manufacture of mold and test equipment for integrated circuit sealing equipment. Make. After the project is completed, it will achieve annual sales of 1 billion yuan and profits and taxes of 160 million yuan.


  The two phase is a section: the total construction area is 30479 square meters, of which the research building occupies 8298 square meters and the workshop area is 26244 square meters. The total investment of the project is 300 million yuan. After the project reaches postpartum, it can produce 8 billion high reliability integrated circuit chip production capacity, built the integrated circuit IC design public service platform and integrated circuit test and verification public service platform, integrated circuit advanced packaging and testing factory. The main building includes (a factory, a research and development building, two dormitories).

  The two period, two paragraph: total building area 9521 square meters, total investment 200 million yuan, including integrated circuit advanced packaging test scale expansion and technical upgrading, to produce 10 billion high reliability integrated circuit chip production capacity; integrated circuit packaging equipment mold and test equipment research and development and manufacture; packaging material lead frame and packaging materials R & D and manufacturing, integrated circuit design R & D building (three integrated circuit R & D and manufacturing plants, a R & D building, two dormitories).