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1、October 2006, Shenzhen Huayu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was founded in Fuyong Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen. Address: a third floor of Fu'an industrial city, Great Ocean Road, Fuyong Town, Baoan District. It is the first company to start a business in Hua Yu.

2、2008 04 months, in line with the needs of the East China market, Shenzhen Huayu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province invested in the establishment of Wuxi City Huayu core industry Semiconductor Co., Ltd., mainly in the near service East China customers. It is the second company of Hua Yu group.

3、2010, 03 months, in order to undertake the outside of the domestic and foreign customers, the material processing needs, Shenzhen Huayu Semiconductor Co., Ltd., again in Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone Investment to establish Shenzhen Huayu Fubao Semiconductor Co., Ltd. So far, Huayu group has completed the construction of all kinds of logistics processing mode platform for domestic and foreign customers. Improve the competitiveness of Hua Yu Group in the field of testing .

4、09 months in 2010, Shenzhen Huayu Semiconductor Co., Ltd. moved to a new address: four floor, Shenzhen, Baoan Xixiang street, Yang Tian Bei industrial city.

5、06 months in 2011, Wuxi Huayu core semiconductor Co., Ltd. moved to a new address: No. 15 Lijiang Road, Wuxi New District, Jiangsu.

6、November 2012, Hefei Huada Semiconductor Co., Ltd., and Hefei integrated circuit design and verification public service platform, is the Hefei hi tech Zone and Huayu company, after nearly a year of joint planning and construction, in November 2012 official operation.

7、In October 2013, Chizhou Huatai Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was founded. Huayu group has the capability of integrated circuit packaging and testing. The current package appearance is SOP7, SOP8, ESOP8, SOP14, SOP16; monthly capacity: 40KK .

8、From 2014 to October 2017, Chizhou Huatai Semiconductor Co., Ltd. doubled its business performance year by year, and the group was based on Anhui to expand its scale. New investment package shape: SOT-23 series 5L, 6L, SSOP24-0.635, SOP20-150MIL-1.0Pitch, QFN and so on. Monthly package shipment can reach 200kk.

9、In November 2017, Chizhou Hua Yu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was set up, the company started to go on the market and integrated the purchase of titanium with Huayu electronics, with Wuxi, Hefei, and Shenzhen company.